Target Tackle Thrive – The Key to Getting Results!

Master the Art of Effective Performance Management


          Does the table below describe your organisation’s Performance Management situation?


If so, our “Target Tackle Thrive” programme can work for you!

Phase 1 - Target:

We care about the results as much as you do.  Therefore it is crucial that we understand your needs before we prescribe the right solution for you.  In this diagnosis phase, we will meet with your key stakeholders to assess the situation, and get clarity of what results you need. 

Whether you need to put renewed focus on performance management as a process, or your organisation wants to roll-out an effective performance management tool, we can work with you to design the best solution based on years of expertise, and best practice which will capture your absolute needs.

Phase 2 - Tackle:

The current trading environment has put pressure on businesses, and tough decisions are being made as a result.  In this stage we will review and design various solutions that will give your organisation the best results!  This may include some or all of the following:

 Phase 3 – Thrive:

We will design the appropriate training and coaching to support your organisation implement your performance management process.  This may include:

How can my organisation get this?

This process can be adapted to suit your requirements and your budget.  Why not have a chat with Adrienne O'Hare on 01-8928019, and she can help you decide what elements will work best for your organisation?


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